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Supporting The Protection Of Civil And Human Rights In Australia

Prime Minister Australia

The Alfaro family has written many correspondences to the Prime Minister John HOWARD in relation to the violations of Civil and Human Rights which corrupted Judges, Lawyers and Public Servants are committing with the malicious intention to damage the Alfaro family to cover up and conceal fraud, criminal acts and violations of Civil and Human Rights.

In a correspondence dated 27 June 2005 the Alfaro family provided full details of the violations of Civil and Human Rights by the Principal and Deputy Registrars of the High Court of Australia which since 2003 have been preventing the Alfaros from filing documents in the High Court of Australia.

On 8 July 2005 the Assistant Secretary from the Department of the Prime Mnister and Cabinet a female named Brendan MacDowel reply to the Alfaros and stated as follows:

"Thank you for your letter dated 27 June 2005 to the Prime Minister regarding your attempts to file documents in the Sydney Registry of the High Court of Australia. A have been asked to reply to your correspondence on the Prime Minister's behalf.

I understand that you have previously brought your concerns to the attention of the Attorney-General, the Hon, Philip Ruddock MP, and that Mr Ruddock has responded to the matters you raise by explaining the relationship between the executive and judicial arms of government and forwarding your correspondence to the Chief Justice of the High Court, the Hon, Murray Gleeson AC, for his attention. I understand that Mr Ruddock has also advised that the Australian Government is not in a position to privide you with legal advice and that you may wish to seek guidence on those matters from legal representatives.

The Prime Minister is not in a position to intervene in individual legal disputes and is unable to add to the advice previously provided to you by Mr Roddock. As the matters you raise are the portfolio responsibility of Mr Ruddock, I have sent a copy of your correspondence, together with this reply, to Mr Ruddock, for his information."