Defenders Of Civil And Human Rights

Supporting The Protection Of Civil And Human Rights In Australia

NSW Police

The Violations of Civil and Human Rights in Australia, is perpetrated at Federal and State lavel, by Corrupted Public Servants from Government Offices like the Official Receiver in Bankruptcy for New South Wales and by the ITSA (Insolvency Trustee Services Australia) and NSW Police Service.

The Alfaro family has experienced since 1997 continue intimidation and harrassment by Corrupted NSW Police Officers which seeking to assist their Corrupted connections like Corrupted Judges, Lawyers, and Corrupted Public Servants have Violated Civil and Human Rights.

On 10 October 1999 the Alfaro family experienced first hand the Corruption in the NSW Police Service when Pedro ALFARO was arrested at 9PM by two plained clothed Police Officers Without a Valid Warrant for Arrest, and at his Residence at Liverpool NSW and infront of his Family was handcuffed and taken to Liverpool Police Station. At Liverpool Police Station Mr P. Alfaro was keep in a Cell while intimidations were made that Mr Alfaro was going to Long Bay Gail and Demands were made that Mr P. Alfaro sign Documents not shown to Mr P. Alfaro and that he provided a Finger Print of his Right Hand Index Finger for which a plained A4 Paper was being used by the Police Officers and not explanations were provided to Mr P. Alfaro.

As Mr P. Alfaro refused to comply he was placed in a Solitary Cell and No Drink or Food was provide by the Police Officers and NO phone callls were allowed to be made by Mr P. Alfaro. On Saturday 11 October At 6AM Mr P. Alfaro was taken in a Police Wagon to Campbelltown Police Station, where other Persons were placed in the Police Wagon and from there Mr Alfaro was taken to Parramatta Bail Court. At Parramatta Bail Court Mr Alfaro was taken to a Holding Area, where Servants or Agents of the Corrective Services, Ordered Mr Alfaro to get undressed by Force and he was subjected to undergrading and Humiliating acts while the Corrective Service Officers alleged to be looking for Drugs.

On Saturday 11 October 1999 Mr Alfaro from Parramatta Bail Court, was taken to Silverwater Remand and Detention Centre, in Handcuffs by the Corrective Service in a Prison Transport Vehicle and at Silverwater Gail Mr Alfaro was forced to change into a Green Prison Uniform and he was keep there for 5 days while at all time Mr Alfaro demanded to be taken before the Federal Court as the Corrective Services alleged they had been provided with a Warrant for Arrest of Mr Alfaro which Deputy Registrar TESORIERO of the Federal Court had allegedly given on 15 June 1999.