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High Court Australia

On 11 June 2002 the Alfaro family commenced Proceedings File No. S205 of 2002 Alfaro -v- Nash, Meehan, Official Receiver for NSW and others and Application Documents for Special Leave to Appeal were Filed in the High Court.

The Proceedings were commenced as result of Corrupted Judgements made by the Court of Appeal of New South Wales in Proceedings File No. ??????? in which Acting Justice BROWNE and Justice of Appeal HODGSON made corrupted orders and Judgment with the intention to Cover Up a Fraudulent Bankruptcy obtained by Lawyer John P. Meehan in the Federal Court of Australia based on a Fraudulent Bankruptcy Notice issued by the Official Receiver for NSW and upon which Lawyer John Meehan based a Fraudulent Creditor's Pettition in a conspiracy to Damage the Alfaros.

The Corrupted Judgement of BROWNE AJ and HODGSON JA also was seeking to Cover Up and Conceal the False Arrest and False Imprisonment of Mr P. ALFARO whom without a valid Warrant for Arrest in October 1999 had been arrested by NSW Police Officers after the Alfaros Security Business had been Evicted by force from Commercial Office premises by Orders and a Warrant issued by the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal of NSW which had NO Jurisdiction in relation to Commercail premises.