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Governor General

The Alfaro family has also brought to the attention of Australia Governor General the Violations of Civil and Human Rights.

In a correspondence dated 18 April 2005 the Alfaro family provided full details in relation to the corrupted actions of the Chief Executive and Principal and Deputy Registrars of the High Court of Australia which since 2003 had been prenting the Alfaros from filing documents in the High Court.

On 26 April 2005 a Deputy Secretary of the Governor General, named M C STUDDERT reply to Mr and Mrs Alfaro and his letter stated:

"Dear Mr and Mrs Alfaro

Thank you for your letter of 18 April 2005 to the Governor-General concerning your dispute with Deputy Registrars and the Registry of the High Court of Australia.

Major General Jeffery appreciates the time and trouble you have taken to write to him about this matter, which he understands has caused you great concern. However, I am sorry to disappoint you, but responsibility for matters such as this rest with the Chief Registrar of the High Court. I note that you have approached Mr M Doogan about this matter, which is the correct course of action.

Thank you once again for writting to the Governor General"

A Copy of the Letter from the Governor General dated 26 April 2005 can be seen at Letters Governor General