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Federal Attorney General

The Alfaro family have made many complaints to the Federal Attorney General Philip RUDDOCK, in relations to the violations of Civil and Human Rights that the Principal and Deputy Registrars of the High Court of Australia had been committing since 2003 in a malicious conspiracy against the Alfaro family which has Court proceedings in the High Court of Australia in relation to the Fraudulent Bankurptcy Notice issued by the Official Receiver for New South Wales and upon which a Fraudulent Creditor's Pettion was presented by Lawyer John Meehan and upon which a fraudulent Sequestration Orders was made in the Federal Court of Australia.

In a Correspondence dated 30 January 2004 sent to Federal Attorney General Phil RUDDOCK, Mr and Mrs Alfaro made Complaints in realtion to the corrupted and malicious actions of the Chief Executive and Principal and Deputy Registrars of the High Court of Australia which had Violated the Civil and Human Rights of Mr and Mrs Alfaro after Justice William GUMMOW of the High Court of Australia on 10 June 2003 had heard a Notice of Motion filed by the Alfaros against the Deputy Registars of the High Court which were seeking to prevent Copies of the Frudulent Bankruptcy obtained by Fraud and for which Justice GUMMOW had made No Orders to Dismiss the Proceedings.

On 23 March 2004 Federal Attorney General Philip RUDDOCK wrote to Mr and Mrs Alfaro and the Federal Attoreny General stated in parts of his Letter as follows:

"I refer to your letters of 9 and 30 January 2004.

I acknowledge you are dissatisfied with the manner in which your proceedings are being dealt with by the High Court.

As the judicial branch of government, courts are of fundumantal inportance to the Australian Community and I take any dissatisfaction with them seriously.

I have therfore reffered your two letters of 13 January and 30 January 2004 to the Chief Justice, the Hon Murray Gleeson AC, for his attention. Chief Justice Gleeson is responsible for the operations and management of the High Court.

In your letter of 9 January, you also ask for further information about the control which I, in my role as Attoreny General, excercise over ITSA. [Insolvency Trustee Services Australia] I have porfolio responsibility for personal insolvency and I appoint the Inspector General in Bankruptcy and Official Receivers. The Inspector General is responsible for the general administration of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 and, as such, operates with a degree of autonomy. While I have powers to direct the Inspector General to carry out inquiries and investigations, I have not found it necessary to excercise this power. I am satisfied with the way which ITSA is carrying out its functions."

A Copy of the the Letter 23 March 2004 can bee seen at Letters Attoreny General.